2017 Fix List (PC)

Cricket Captain 2017 has been updated

You should now all be prompted to update the game through Steam. You will need Steam in Online mode to get this update.

You can check the version number you are currently running by looking at the 'Options' screen.

Cricket Captain 17.05 fix-list

  • New feature: added historical stats for Last Comp and Last Comp +1 for all players.
  • Fixed issue with some Day/Night matches in Australia not being played at the right time.
  • Enabled 20 over only International careers.
  • New database with feedback from the forum.
  • Fixed issue with multiple squad selection screens after a tri-series tournament.
  • Stopped England players from being removed from the game if not signed by a county.
  • Fixed problem with players not retiring if playing as two teams in West Indies or India.
  • Altered England central contracts criteria (which caused player retirement bug).
  • Removed SA vs Sri Lanka 2017 series (had been played a year early).
  • Defaulted defensive tactics and field for OD and 20 over matches.
  • Expanded characters in name entry boxes to 20 characters.

Cricket Captain 17.04 fix list

  • Fixed issue with ground records not saving.
  • Increased domestic players available in Pakistan contracts.
  • Improved accuracy of player availability in contracts.
  • Fixed crash on continue at end of custom associates series.
  • Added balls faced (in brackets) to batting and bowling tactics in match.
  • Changed ground records match type filter to display all match types (was restricted by team type).
  • Added unsigned England contracted players to next round of domestic contracts.
  • Adjusted international fixtures up to 2025 to resolve conflicts between Pakistan twenty over & international fixtures.
  • England cup groups reset to North/South if already randomised.
  • Fixed Bangladesh 20 over achievement.
  • Stopped players retired from match types being available in contracts for teams that do not play that match type.
  • Stopped players playing domestic matches while in international cup competitions or on tour.

Cricket Captain 17.03 fix list

  • Fixed game freeze issue during SA/Pak twenty over competitions for all game types (affected Android only).
  • Fixed issue causing popup boxes to fail to shutdown (caused apparent freeze in change bowler and New Ball message boxes).
  • Updated International fixtures for 2017 and 2018 seasons to fix clash between Pakistan domestic and international (later seasons due to be updated).
  • Fixed invisible font bug (occurred on some Android devices).

Cricket Captain 17.02 fix list

  • Fixed crash after Australian franchise tournament.
  • Fixed text overrun in long messages.
  • Fixed team selection bug for non-international network games.
  • Fixed coaching cleared, if selected on first day of the season.
  • Fixed teams playing at wrong grounds in fixtures for 2018 season and beyond.
  • Eng OD comp groups now geographical.
  • Added NZ vs Eng Tour (Indian tours considered).
  • Sort Eng FC Latest Scores by division.
  • Updated database with feedback from the forum and Facebook

Cricket Captain 17.01 fix list

  • Updated database from forum feedback.
  • Fixed an issue with no-team Kolpaks not retiring.
  • Stopped generation of empty stats boxes for comps, reduces save game size by ~5%.