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    It would be great to be able to switch off the first pre-season contract window at game start.

    Also a button to assign all non playing players to the second XI would be a lovely addition. Sureshot this one would be a real quick win for CC21.


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      How about players no longer offering 'no stroke' when they're aiming for 8 an over and they've not scored any runs off the over, like who does this?


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        AI to be a bit smarter when selecting its own pitch/wicket/team assimilation’s. Playing away, and AI selects a spinners wicket but then doesn’t play any spinners! Seems bazaar. Sometimes very cloudy/rainy/bouncy and AI selects spinners but no FM’s which is even stranger. Also putting in a bowler sometimes at Pos 4 even though they’ve got 30 players to choose from? This is still happening especially with 1day or T20 games.


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          I would like more stats like a ball by ball breakdown of a batsman innings:
          Breakdown of spells by a bowler
          Breakdown of run rate in different phases in LOI matches and different sessions in FC matches. Eg I should have stats for RR in 1st 10 middle 30 and last 10 overs and also have these stats for last 10 matches so I can assess why I am not able to score big
          Over list should have total runs in the overs totaled
          Partnership should have no of balls mentioned
          And lastly we get to see too much of a spinner and medium bowler run up. Fix that. Spinner and Medium bowler should be in there delivery stride when we see them
          Hope these are taken into consideration while making cc21


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            I'm conscious there is probably a limit to the number of new statistics you can add to the game, but I think the following would be great additions to any new game:
            • Adding individual players' career statistics in World Cups (ODI and T20I)
            • Adding records for World Cups (ODI and T20I) - this could probably be done one a team-by-team basis rather than overall to fit in with the current format
            • Individual players' home and away records (and, potentially, country-by-country records)
            • Individual players' records by batting position
            It would also ultimately be great to get things like partnership averages, batsmen dismissal records, etc, but I understand they might be harder to build into the current interface and could be lower priority.


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              The one feature that I want most is the ability to load a line up for the online game.

              Every time I play I have to change 11 players and it takes ages.


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                Originally posted by galvatron View Post
                The one feature that I want most is the ability to load a line up for the online game.

                Every time I play I have to change 11 players and it takes ages.
                Yes would be good if you could save a 11 for each format to make the quick switch


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                  It would be great if the end of session / innings and fall of wicket timings were more in line with the real game.

                  Currently, when a wicket falls in the final over before a session break a new batsman has to come out for 2 balls.

                  The same issue applies at the change of innings, if there is 4 mins before an interval and the innings ends, the new batting team has to face 1 over before breaking for the interval.

                  It would be nice if there was flexibility in dealing with the end of sessions; to allow the completion of an over in the next session, and to delay an innings start until the next session if the end of the previous innings is less than 10 minutes from an interval.