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  • Batsman bowlers

    Been wondering guys,

    Has anyone found any pretty good batsmen bowlers? I don’t mean allrounders, but batsmen who can hold their own when having a bowl? Like a Joe Root type but better. Is anyone daring to use 7 batsmen and only 4 bowlers in 1day/T20 games, again not including all rounders. Ok the man might be getting knocked about slightly, but can he make the cut?

    Ive come across a few bowlers who are pretty good with the bat (not allrounders) but up to now no noticeable batters who can bowl?

    Any thoughts? Do they exist at the moment?

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    Based on the fact he does it in real life for Essex I sometimes use Dan Lawrence on spinning decks. Has worked to good effect but I would never give him a full allowance. I actually think Root can do similar job.


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      They do come up and are something to look for in regens.

      When I do find one I find that if I use them early in the season in favourable conditions their bowling. Just one or two wickets can get some momentum behind them and I can drop them in with more confidence. Many, many years ago Ned Eckersley was a mean LO bowler and I would use him as a front line bowler but haven’t really found one since.


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        I’ve seen people online use kohli wire a bit of affect, his medium pace can be annoying to play against


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          On the game it's a tactic that works too well compared to real life. Jamesy using Lawrence always gets a wicket, even if I don't attack him.

          Makes me think of back in the day when Vince Wells - who was a wicket keeper batsman on the game - used to open the bowling for Leicestershire and take tons of wickets for the computer.


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            Straya01 had this medium pace batter called Butt. Goes for runs but always takes wickets against me, once got a five for


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              Never to the extent that I'd go in with just 4 bowlers, but I'll often try to get a cheap over or two from a part timer, and it allows me to give an over less to a proper bowler who is going for a lot of runs.


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                I opened with my two opening batters in a dead rubber T20I and they reduced Australia to 4-5!

                Also, I sometimes bring on a batsman to bowl when I want a bowler to get a 5er or a 10er and the batsman ALWAYS gets the last wicket and denies someone the glory!