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    Just thought I would see who your best computer generated players are and send some stats in as well.
    This is mine, well he is 24yo and taken close enough to 400 test wickets.

    I can only imagine how many he is going to take with 10 more years of test cricket ahead of him.


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    I’ve got an English seamer in his mid 30s with over 1300 test wickets, I’ll post a screenshot soon
    i haven’t come across any world beating batters yet though
    what age did your player start playing?
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      He was 20 when he started.
      He now has 444 wickets and just turned 25 - I also have a few good bowlers and 2 all rounders that are good (one is an opening bat / spin bowler)

      My Team set up is
      All Rounder Spin
      Batsman who I am trying to train to opener - taking way too long
      Smith - starting to struggle at age 37
      Future Kid Prodigy
      All Rounder
      Fairly average keeper as there is no good ones
      Gun Spinner
      Fast Bowler 1
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        Not quite 1300 test wickets but getting there. What year is your save in then? I love playing with teams with good spinners
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          I've got some players that I love.

          Collyer has taken tons of wickets at a great average and is brilliant online.

          Dyke and Matthews are two of the best batters I've ever had - really consistent in FC and test.
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