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    Originally posted by galvatron View Post

    HI Lynx,

    If players weren't cheating as much, I wouldn't have bothered looking for the editor to see other players' abilities.

    Striker beat me every time when I played him, and not just beat me, he annihilated me. I suspected his team was edited and the editor showed me that it was.

    Other players consistently beat me i.e. Challenge Accepted or Essex but the games are close. There was other teams that also smashed me loads that were likely edited but who have since disappeared.
    I played this user StrikerXI, <the same day you both were online and going at each other in chat> (2 t20's), I haven't checked his team stats or abilities/potential abilities or whatever but defeated his team 2 out of 2.
    Not sure if I did something different or it was just two bad games for him - but defeating him did feel nice, considering the bashing he's been getting that he has an edited team.

    That makes my team/tactics used quite good/effective - to defeat an edited team (if at all it is). I do hope I can play tests and ODI'S with him as well.

    : s-o-c-a


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      You can definitely beat the edited teams. I was easily beating Jolly several times and he errored the game and Striker's record shows you can beat them. But as I say and show in the screenshots, he has edited his team's stats...