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Choosing a Captain and Wicketkeeper

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  • Choosing a Captain and Wicketkeeper

    Hello all,

    How do you choose who should be Captain or Wicketkeeper of your teams?

    For Captain, i tend to give it to either the most experienced person or the best player. Has anyone seen a difference in who you choose in relation to team performance?

    For wicketkeeper, how do we know how good a Wicketkeeper is purely for wicketkeeping duties and not batting? I tend to just choose the best batting wicketkeeper and only change if they let through too many byes.

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    The choice of captain is utterly ambiguous, despite the AI still completely avoiding recommending anyone who is not a pure batsman as captain of a team.

    For wicketkeeper I usually go off catches per match as an indication. However I have found that when you give one enough wicketkeeping training that they stop dropping catches altogether and rarely let through byes.

    In fact in all of my teams which I have used for a few seasons no one at all drops any catches (I still do not win all of my matches though!). It seems that one improvement of fielding training stops players from dropping catches period.