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What you all would like to see from CC 2019?

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  • What you all would like to see from CC 2019?

    You guys can all comment whatever you feel.
    I would love more shots addition, better visual display(have a look at Football Manager 2019), improvement in graphics. Also, more options of improvement in bowling section like for spinners, there should be an option to improve drift, turn, bounce, variations etc. And for pacers like bouncer, Yorker, slower ball (in place of Defensive OD bowling), off cutter/leg cutter, reverse swing, extra pace, bounce, swing, seam etc. Also one thing which needs to be added is DRS, Hawkeye and more stats to analyse players. Like if I want to see the pitch map and beehive for my player for a whole season or year rather than a single match, or which shot he needs improvement, and more. And the last thing that I can remember currently is that the squad should not change completely. For example, it will not make sense when teams pick players who have hardly taken 50 wickets in FC competitions. Also some thing which I hate are seeing virat Kohli batting at 6 while Manish Pandey is batting higher than him. Some players are highly overrated like Dominic Bess, Shikhar Dhawan, Kusal Mendis, Mustafizur Rahman, Hasan Ali, Shadab Khan, etc so pls from next time make sure they are not ranked so high just because they have good FC stats. And teams should not bring new players very quickly. They should at least let them play two seasons, at least. Then they should decide. Not if someone takes 65 wickets in FC and a year later, he has become a star of his country in Tets.
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    I would need a lot of time to write my list so I may when I have time. I would be wary about over complicating gameplay however because the foundational match engine should be performing well to start with before they begin adding bells and whistles to it.

    Currently the T20 engine is a bit of a mess. Whatever aggression level you use does not seem to make a difference. I would like to see this remodelled much like the one day engine has been, which has improved a lot though still also has room for improvement.

    The dominance of regenerated players over inexperienced real life players is also key for me. All inexperienced real life players should be drastically upskilled to ensure their relevance in the game rather than drifting into obscurity as 90% of them currently do.

    I have played a lot of saves in this version and in every single one Pakistan, South Africa and India are at the top of the rankings after a few seasons and Australia, New Zealand, Bangladesh, West Indies and Zimbabwe all languish. Player skill generation is not random and this spoils gameplay for me.

    Budgets pretty much across the board also need to be increased as they are presently too constrictive after a few seasons of play which also spoils gameplay.

    Lastly (for now) or developers have spoken of overhauling the online game and this is certainly overdue as the current interface and structure is severely outdated.


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        One thing to add is we need more stats like how a players has done against spin in a match or a competition with strike rate, runs, balls etc.


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          Originally posted by Sinister 0ne View Post
          Sureshot I am unable to see others posts. Help
          There was an unapproved post, which I have just approved.


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            The addition of the ability to captain rival clubs was pointless. However it was a step in the right direction. The first problem with it is when you get offered the captaincy at a rival club you do not even get the opportunity to view their roster before deciding, but rather a straight on the spot "yes or no" answer without being able to view any supporting information is required, which is ridiculous.

            The other problem is that who wants to captain a rival club after performing well enough with your current club which performance enabled you to receive that offer? Players want to move forward in the game and taking this option would be ike moving sideways or more likely backwards.

            However why not give high performing captains the opportunity to captain stronger rated teams? Clubs from other competitions or different international sides? While also being able to view their player pool before making a decision? And why not be able to consider more than one offer simultaneously? The better your performance the more high quality offers you receive.

            Another thing is the prize money offered for winning domestic competitions is pathetic and/or non-existent. It should be heavily increased for every competition in the game, which means players have great incentive to win competitions.

            Also awards for winning world cups. It may be as simple as more coaching/physio sessions, but something would be better than nothing. At the moment winning a world cup awards you absolutely nothing (not even world ranking points!)
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              A more realistic system for signing international players in T20 comps, usually its young players from Sri Lanka and Bangladesh, sometimes random regens who haven't even played in their home country, I should be able to head hunt any international T20 players that I want.

              Regens to be less effective and young real players to be able to develop more.

              Regens are sometimes a batters and RMF or LF which doesn't really make any sense.

              A more visual and easier way to see how players are progressing and improving in training.


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                Currently technique training does nothing. Like I said in another thread I had Rashid Khan improve batting technique about six times and he still averaged just 20 with no centuries and he remained a bowler. The only thing technique training is good for is changing a batsman to an opener or vice versa. Even when a player goes from aggressive to very aggressive nothing actually appears to change in game (believe me I have a big sample size to back this claim). Also the completely random and baseless reasons for a player "improving" is senseless. Why not have them improve when they make a good score or take a few wickets? And maybe we could actually make the false claim that players can be trained to allrounders a reality on the next version? Either overhaul it or scrap the technique training altogether. There is no point in keeping a "fake" feature to the game, in that it gives the user an illusion that there is a functional change in game but actually there is not. Please do not try to deceive us loyal fans of the game. On the other hand the normal training is fine and still appears to serve it's purpose.

                Something has changed with the youth team coaching. In previous versions the amount you put into the youth team budget actually made a difference. On this version it does not matter whether you put in 50k or 10k you will still get the same type of players. Again I have a big sample size of club seasons behind me on CC18 to back up this claim. Every time I play a club season I keep it at 10k now rather than burn my money. Again this is deceiving to fans. I am not claiming it is intentional but perhaps was just overlooked or an unseen consequence of changing something else.

                In summary the technique coaching and youth team features need a remodel. It does not have to be anything flash or complicated. Just simple and functional would be great! Much like the physio feature which works very well!
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                  One thing. Pls make sure that Kohli is making runsssssssssssssss in next game! In this game, even players like Dhawan are making runs in England tour. Ridiculous!
                  I hate T20s. I never play it. Even after playing ball-by-ball, I could not win. I only play FC matches now! Pls try to make T20 batting more easy. Injury replacement for player in your squad is a must for international teams. And please make sure that a team should not be filled with young players who have hardly made 1000 runs or 50+ wickets. That's a small number for selection in Internationals. Completely ridiculous. The way team changes is amazing. Pls add Left Arm Leg Spin in next game or SLU (Slow left unorthodox) with a different action. Improve graphics. Even mobile games have better graphics than CC 2018 in smaller sizes as compared to the PC version. Better visual display pls. Even if you have to release your game few months late then still it will be fine but there should be improvement. And I completely agree with bryce87 regarding technique training. And more stats. Sureshot if you would like suggestion regarding stats when making the next game or you can ask from the developers, then I am ready to help. Maybe even bryce87 ?


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                    Also I would like to see A teams in the next game!


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                      What i would like to see is a World XI, so the ability to put one together in the TOURNAMENT/All Time Greats section. I would like to see the ability to do your own tournaments like a three team or five team retro tournament. I would like to see some retro one day uniforms in there to.


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                        Originally posted by Sinister 0ne View Post
                        Also I would like to see A teams in the next game!
                        "A" teams have been talked about since the inception of the series but I believe it is too problematic to schedule in as it would essentially be like doubling the amount of international teams.


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                          But what if we want to check the performance of some players who are in our radar for selection when domestic matches are being held? 'A' tours can really help in identifying the best in the lot and also knowing who the best reserves are?


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                            Good points! I do feel other segments should get priority over "A" teams. Only so much money and budget.


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                              The pitch conditions are long overdue for a makeover. There has been no setting for a green seamer ever in the entire series. The only conditions conducive for medium pacers on the game are when it is cloudy overhead, but never anything to do with the pitch!