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What you all would like to see from CC 2019?

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    So many things to improve but can they do all of at least implement few of these?


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      How about a Test Trial? There have been a few in England over the years. Second as a true masochist I'm playing my way through SA vs the other Test countries from 1970 on. How about an Old Campaign mode for those like me who would like to see how Babboo Ebrahim, Barry Richards etc would have fared. At the moment once a 5 Test series is over the stats go back to scratch.
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        According to my memory, contract negotiations have never changed in the whole CC series.

        I am happy enough with the current format however it has a lot of room for improvement.

        One small change I would like to see is, as the contracts rounds progress, that unsigned players become increasingly desperate to sign and accept much lower offers in the later rounds while being particularly partial to one year deals.

        Presently it doesn't matter if it is round one or eight, or a one or three year deal, the AI seems to abide by the same rigid negotiation principles with stacks of players being left unsigned because teams cannot afford them.
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          I haven't seen it mentioned but how about some way of distinguishing between players with the same surname when their batting? The Chappells, Waughs, Khans, Mohammeds etc all look the same. I can remember watching Ian & Greg Chappell bat at Adelaide Oval you could only tell them apart when they were alongside each other - Ian was the short one. Then there is Richie Benaud's call of Barry (short, blonde, white) and Vivian (tall, black) Richards batting together. "Barry is the one with the blue hat."


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            These are less database inclined and more on the gameplay side
            How about differences in the ends that bowlers are suited to, or you as captain think. You see at certain grounds certain spinners are better from a specific end due to certain factors such as things like breeze, the slope like at lords et al.
            I'd also like to see the wear factor be different at each end as you see in test matches theres normally one end that has bigger foot holes due to the different sort of bowler that has bowled there, ie a fast bowler would make more of an impact on the wicket than a medium pacer.
            the one other thing i'd like to see is bowlers heights having an impact on how they bowl and what they bowl, so a bowler short in stature will be more skiddy like sam curran, whereas a bowler like morne morkel will be better at hitting the deck and getting bounce. I think having something like that would help factor in who a captain would pick on certain tours, like someone like curran would be a little redundant in oz, but someone like morkel would thrive on those sorts of decks.


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              jjamez has made much the same point I did earlier. The grounds need to be different - Hamilton (NZ), Melbourne (A), Peshawar, Lords etc all have different conditions. Perth has a constant Westerly breeze (gale might be better) from about 3 pm on. Lords can change from season to season also it does change during a match. Old Trafford & Barbados have a reputation for seamers tracks. Perth & Jamaica for quicks.


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                i think the thing i'm wanting most trev is a difference at both ends of the wicket. ends deteriorate at different rates due to the bowlers that bowl from them. but like you point out, perth has a strong breeze so that would dictate what sort of bowler you'd bowl from either end, ie help for the spinners in regards to drift etc


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                  It would be good if the international squad selection process was improved. The problem is there is only one screen to see the available pool and your selected squad, so if you want to clear the selected squad you need to scroll through all the available pool of players to see those who are selected.

                  My idea is to have 3 tab of screens (like county contract process at the end of each season), 1 tab would be the available pool, 2nd tab could be your shortlist from the pool, 3rd tab the actual squad that you pick and submit.

                  Having this would enable you to see the balance of the squad you are thinking of submitting, and you will be able to easily swap players out using your shortlist when you have out of form players in your squad or want to change the balance.


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                    Hi TJHC

                    If you click at the top it allows you to only see your selected squad. It took me an alarming amount of time to figure this out too!

                    Sorry but I can’t remember the wording without looking but whatever it says above all the available players, click it and the option Selected Squad comes up.



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                      Originally posted by clwalcott View Post

                      yes, this is an obvious and embarrassing bug, essentially. The average test match has over two runouts a match easily. Also, the stamina/time issue needs an overhaul to be realistic. Could be whenever you change the field it adds a half minute or something. Time for wickets falling, extra ten seconds for boundaries etc.

                      Less retired hurts where your player is out the rest of the match, this also happens way too often.

                      And no to womens cricket...jesus, get a grip.
                      Delayed reaction I know but absolutely loving the freak outs I’ve caused by suggesting women’s cricket... Chill... Your... Jets!

                      All you need is a few teams like the men’s associate teams separated for some custom series. If people don’t want to play it then they don’t have to.

                      I’ve never found run outs or retired hurts ridiculously common... I’m off to get a grip though... Jesus!


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                        This suggestion is beyond simple - being able to type in your bid amount!

                        This overseas player on screen wanted 134k to play 20over only despite being available for 4% of the season, but if I do not sign him here then he will disappear from the available overseas player pool and I won't be able to sign him again (another annoying feature).

                        So in order to offer him 60k I have to click the mouse 40-odd times!


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                          It's clear from reading this that CC has two sorts of fans. Those who want to play a current International career like bryce87 and those like me and springbok70 who prefer to stage old series. So why not have two versions? The current one with improvements and a Historical one again with improvements including the opportunity to do proper tours like the one Australia did of Ceylon, India and South Africa in 1969-70? The pitches back then were different if you don't understand try setting up England v Australia at Manchester 1956. On the present system Laker is lucky to get ten wickets in the match (he took 19). Fluke I know but I still like trying.


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                            a couple of things I'd like looked at.

                            1. the number of wickets that are lbw seems ridiculously high, in my current series I've had 7 in 1 inning

                            2 outfield catches need looking at, having a player run towards the boundary stick their hands up and catch the ball without even turning around to look at the ball


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                              Originally posted by reddevils2013 View Post
                              outfield catches need looking at, having a player run towards the boundary stick their hands up and catch the ball without even turning around to look at the ball
                              I'm fairly certain that the developers have given up on ever changing the graphics and that the CC series stands to serve as a constant reeminder of what the cutting edge graphics of the 90s were like
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                                I would like the option to watch a game played out in its entirety by the AI.