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The balance of international teams in the future

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  • The balance of international teams in the future

    I'm not saying its a bug, because you never know what the future of cricket holds.
    But the year is 2037
    1. Australia hasn't had a decent keeper/batsmen since Bancroft/Paine (they've all averaged 30 or less)
    that's cool, 20 years and no decent keeper batsman comes through the academy... Could happen.
    2. Agar will be the last decent all-rounder for a long time. 2036 I picked up John Morrison, spinner ave 30 with bat 27 with ball all formats.
    3. South Africa has only openers for batsmen. Full blown only openers even their all-rounders are openers. Played them recently and they destroyed my pace attack
    4. Pakistan usually line up with a keeper and 10 all-rounders
    5. Pakistan have been ranked 1. In all formats since maybe 2028 (could be longer but def not less) . I've snatched 1st in test a couple times but it doesn't last. This has me thinking all-rounders are key in modern cricket.

    I'm not saying this is unrealistic, I have a good imagination. But I'd like the ability to be able to balance the team according to its needs.
    how does the AI allocate training at state level? Is it random? Some control without managing the actual domestic team would be great. I rarely see the point in training players in international career. What if I'm giving Marcus Harris aggressive training and he goes back to domestic and gets defensive training. Is it possible?

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    All of your points happen in every save I have EXCEPT in my newer saves Australia churn out a whole lot of quality allrounders. I think a couple of updates ago they changed something after I complained of Australia always having a bowler at #7 in ODI's. Is this save you are in an older save by chance?

    But yes Pakistan are always a step above everyone with stacks of quality allrounders. Them and South Africa's bowlers just seem to always be better than everyone else's I have no idea why this is but other teams never produce bowlers like they do.

    I don't believe that the AI trains players at all.