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    I'm pretty good at One Day Games, my old tactic was good (so I thought) but after a few years pass on career I notice a pattern. When I start off with an established team, the tactic goes well, I score 250+ regularly with the odd stinker, my bowlers take wickets due to opponent under pressure.
    when youth starts to make its way into the team the tactic begins to fail. Early wickets, middle order collapses and a tail that can't wag.

    when I think to myself, no worries, a few new faces, we're gonna drop a few games throughout the rebuild.

    years go by, they've matured, I'm using same tactic but not getting same results. My players have good figures for 2nd team and first class and international but I can't win a one day game to save my life. My best players are 29-31 years old and should be Prime or close to.

    was like most online guides recommended, play conservatively early, see off new ball, don't lose wickets and build a base. This would work well until youth started to come through. Young and skilled openers were good at staying in but scored slowly. I often found myself something like 3-150 off 40 overs. I try to score big on the last ten overs, but I lose most or all my wickets and add 50-60 runs at best. Sometimes as little as 30.
    I tell myself it's OK :( as my team develops, matures and are coached in the right places, the results will improve.
    this didn't happen, ever. I end up with a fully matured team that should be primed for OD cups but instead I've got a team where my top 3 batsmen average 40 at a strike rate of 60. I've got a middle order all averaging 25-30 or less with strike rates of 80-90 and a tail that can't wag or take wickets because they've never defended a score that pressured opposition batsmen. It's not their fault, I developed them like this. Openers never had a chance to risk their wicket for big, fast scores and middle order guys who had a chance to build an innings.

    this tactic would work equally as well with an established team but allowed my youth chance to develop. I modelled my style off of the most successful one day team in history. Australia circa 2000s
    Granted, they had talented guys, and I think their aggressive style from early on aided their growth.
    Early aggression. Reward outweighs the risk. I'm talking 6 bars first 3 batsmen and then gauge it from there.
    worst case scenario (and rare) youre 3/25 off 6 overs but your middle order have some time to take it easy, score some steady runs and lift the run rate near the end.
    everytime you bat aggresive early, you won't lose the same 3 wickets everytime. It alternates, sometimes 1 will go on to score 70 off 70 sometimes it's 2 sometimes it's 3. But 80% of the time 1 of them will be there to continue while your 4 and 5 get their eye in.
    because the success of your top 3 will alternate, their average stays around 35-45 with a strike rate of 80+ (depending on skill) they develop and mature with decent figures and should peak around 29-31 years old.

    because you've regularly risked your top 3, you've given opportunity to middle order guys to come in early and put on runs. Get them in the habit of averaging 40+ with a strike rate no lower than 65 (balance is key so if #4 averages 45 strike rate 60 and #5 averages 38 strike rate 99 - this is acceptable)

    with a young team I found myself scoring mostly 220s, the odd 190 and sometimes a 250+ BUT I was almost never all out. Always wickets in hand. Early aggression means you run the risk of being 6/150 off 25 overs. No prob, allows my tail to get some albeit slow runs, maybe they add 70 more runs off the last 25 overs. 220 is defendable and your #7 and #8 score 35 each,

    so after a while, my team has matured, they're at their "peak" I've lost half my games up until now but when you look at each players stats individually, they're numbers are solid. And when the time is right, youll start to find yourself 2-200 off 40 overs, with a decent middle order and tail to add 100 runs. Sometimes I'd find myself at 1-160 off 20 overs using 6 bars aggression.

    I'm not expecting every game to score 400 but settle for 320 if I lose wickets. I'm expecting my losses to create opportunity for future wins.

    any long term tactics you've applied that seem to have paid off?

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    My whole approach to OD games changed after I stumbled upon an FB post on the CC page from the admin.

    They said that the more wickets in hand you have the faster you can score at. You see this when the AI bats first when they start exploding at overs 37-38.

    Now I try to bat reasonably aggressively in the powerplay (condition dependent) because if you come through this two or less wickets down you have a solid platform to work from (providing you bat deep). Ideally I want my batsman on 5-6 aggression through the middle overs, but obviously you still want a few batsman saved for the final overs.

    Then I do what the AI does and choose an over to start going full aggression from. If I am two down this would probably be around over 38/39, depending on conditions and what bowler is on and how deep I am batting.

    I have found the advice I found that day to be true and have since enjoyed a lot more success in the OD game. Check out this screenshot below my 3,4 and 5 are all averaging over 50 in ODI's.