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    Around a decade ago, I co-wrote the ICC 2009 Editor, which was shared on the PlanetCricket forums (but all credit goes to Fe98 for writing the ICC 2008 Editor, and everyone else for reverse-engineering the memory addresses).

    If I remember correctly, I also updated the Editor for ICC 2011. However, with increasing numbers of people playing online, it was controversial as the online game was apparently being ruined by cheaters.

    Back in those days, I remember there was a huge community effort to reverse-engineer the memory locations of the various player attributes. Does this still happen? Have the Editor / Scout / Stats Editor been updated at all in recent years?

    I think the general feeling was that manually editing memory locations was sufficiently difficult that the type of people capable of doing it were likely to be big ICC enthusiasts and not online cheats. However, publicly releasing the editor gave free access to all the idiots who just wanted to cheat online and ruin it for everyone else.

    Personally, I have never played ICC online, so I think it's a real shame if these tools aren't developed any more. In my opinion, the biggest risk for cheating is also the least interesting feature of the editor: changing player abilities. For me, I really just want the following:
    • Infinite budget;
    • Infinite training/physio/fielding sessions;
    • Read-only access to player abilities (e.g. ICC Scout);
    • Ability to remove player injuries.
    I have written a simple "Club Editor" for Cricket Captain 2018 (v18.03), which gives the first two of these. The interface is identical to the old Editors:

    Click image for larger version  Name:	ICC2018editor.png Views:	0 Size:	20.1 KB ID:	68285

    My feeling is that these things are elementary to change using CheatEngine, so there would be little harm in releasing this publicly. If there is a general agreement on this, then I will happily upload it to this thread.

    It would be really nice to update ICC Scout, but this would require a bigger community effort. I'm not sure how much interest there is in that now.
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    Yes, these two things are easy to find using cheat engine & also CT table for latest version is available online with player ability, injury removal. There was quite active community till 2013 version but has been in decline since then as game is not changing much over the years.

    I think infinite budget is most harmful to online game then player ability.& scout could be most useful without effecting online game
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      Will this also work on CC19? Because CC18 is as good as dead. So if this does not work on CC19 then I have no issue releasing the scout, along with everything else, publicly for CC18.