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    Hi all,

    Apologies if things were like this in CC18 already and I never noticed, but it's just occurred to me that the favoured position of batsmen (apart from openers) is remarkably fluid. In many cases, it seems to change just based on what position I happened to play them in in their last match. I'm aware that a bit of fluidity isn't a bad thing as a batsman will take some time to find their preferred position (newbies often start down the order and move up as they get more experience) and/or find a new spot over time, but having it change virtually match by match seems to defeat the point of having the feature in the first place...

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    I much prefer it to the old way where it would not change at all. In one of my saves my best test batsman was a specialist number eight. Plus Sureshot has said that the feature does not change anything in terms of the game so I do not think it is worthy of much attention for now.


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      Fair enough.


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        It would be a really handy couple of stats showing at which position they make their most runs or average higher.

        Another thing is I find is Middle order batsman in FC/Test are mostly openers in OD/T20 format. My Test team will be perfectly balanced, 2 openers, 3 batsmen, allrounder, keeper and bowlers. When it comes to ODI or T20, MOST of the team are openers and deciding where to play them is impossible. There's nothing to go off.