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  • Hidden Mentality Attributes

    Being a long term player one theme I have experienced and commonly see written on here is the game becomes too easy after 5 years.

    Essentially recruit the young obvious talent in the right positions and over time your in for glory.

    To make the game harder could there be a hidden mentality attribute which means the 21 year old rhb averaging 60
    at second eleven level may not go on to be a gun first class player. In real life not all gun younger players make it for one reason or another, this could equate for that.

    Yes it would be frustrating when your gun recruit is a flop but so is captaincy in real life. How cool would it be if one of your younger players did a Scott Boland because he had a great attitude.

    Alternatively could the game have a greater emphasis on in game decision making rather than a players attributes

    Dont take this as a critism but I find and I think many others do it’s hard to sustain an interest in a save once you have reached the pinnacle which feels a bit to inevitable

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    I seem to get a few players like that already, so either it already built in or I am really bad at picking players.

    It’s both, isn’t it.


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      The game can get too easy quite quickly once you get a few years in. There needs to be far better squad management from the AI. As a rule a team should never, ever, be letting a batsman who averages 75 for the 2nd XI or a bowler who has a strike rate of 35 go.

      Ideally when a youth player hits the market they should already have a deal on the table from their current club that you have to better. This would push up the cost of players and stop you being able to easily hoover up so many speculative options.


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        Originally posted by beedub View Post
        the 21 year old rhb averaging 60
        at second eleven level may not go on to be a gun first class player.
        This definitely exists in the game already. And vice versa: some players with relatively ordinary second XI averages turn out to be stars.