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  • Nightwatchmen

    Do you use them in the game???

    Obviously AI doesn’t but have you tried it and is it effective or for making them face a newish ball just end in disaster??

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    I like it if it’s cloudy at the end of the day but then sunny the next. Not the end of the world if you lose another wicket then. Has worked ok for me a fair few times


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      I do for realism's sake if I remember. I'll put in my most defensive tail-ender if I do. AI doesn't seem to especially up aggression for the day's end anyway so I have found a consolidated batsmen can easily block out 15 minutes or so, which means I rarely lose wickets at that stage anyway. It's the first few overs of a session/day that always get me if anything.

      In saying that if a wicket falls in the final over of a session, it would be interesting to have stumps mid-over (or maybe it does happen and I haven't noticed before).


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        Completely agree Wilted. I've noted a few times over the last couple of versions that if a wicket falls in the last over, or an innings break 10 mins before an interval should mean an interval is taken early but it doesn't currently happen in the game.

        I do use night watchmen but I think this is a missing feature in the game as mine do sometimes get out in the last over of the day.