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  • Originally posted by khubbaib View Post
    i download the game but both team play himself i cannot press the button to play any shot.what is this any body tell me?i am very thankful and tell how to play online?
    It's not the kind of game where you press buttons to tell the players to play shots. You train the players, select your team, and tell the players how aggressively they play. It's a sports strategy/management simulation, not a test of how well you can time the click of a mouse.
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    • Suspected spot-fixing at third man

      I press "Play Over". Nothing happens for about 30 seconds, no biggie? I'm hoping for a wicket because of the delay (highlights on 'wickets only'), but all I end up getting is a dropped catch that goes for 4. These don't happen very often, so I click on the highlight to see who dropped it and where.

      Nothing happens for about 2 minutes (I timed it). Then the highlight comes up, and it's a regulation slips drop. The ball trickles out to third man and the outfielder comes for it. The batsmen have one.

      The game freezes again, this time for more than 4 minutes. Then the fieldsman turns towards the backward point boundary (stage right) and starts walking on the spot. The batsmen take advantage. I think they run another four, but it may only have been three. They have plenty of time, because he continues this aberrant behaviour for a good 30 seconds. By the time he finally picks the ball up, I think...yes...the batsmen have started twiddling their thumbs.

      I don't believe I've seen this reported before. If you can hear me, Sureshot and company, please let me know.

      EDIT: I'll keep a copy of the save at that point, in case that helps.
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