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The Golden Isles - A Third Time Lucky West Indies Story

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  • Originally posted by CharlesDarwini View Post
    wrong scorecard could you get the correct score card up plzzz (big fan by the way)
    Cheers man! It's harder now Imageshack have stopped naming files after the actual filename... damn them! All sorted now!

    And a fairly simple win ties the series.

    We took wickets regularly early on, and when spin came into the attack they were already 3 down. They restricted the batsmen even further, and picked up a wicket each when partnerships started to build. When the seamers came back, Holder was the man who did the late damage. He added 4 wickets to his earlier one, and Alford got the last to bowl Pakistan out for a measly 114.

    Simmons and Barath started exactly as required, a partnership of 68 at just over a run a ball. Simmons was the slight aggressor in the partnership, his 39 coming from 37 balls and including 5 boundaries. They both got out fairly soon after each other, but Bravo and Burton arrived to (just!) see us over the line in time.

    Series State West Indies and Pakistan tie the series 1-1.
    Batting Award Lendl Simmons - Just got us ahead to make sure we won.
    Bowling Award Brathwaite/Holder/Alford/Narine/Khan - Entire unit was SUPERB. I could not have asked for more, and they all played their parts.
    So what next for the newly successful side? Oh, yeah, it's a tour of England in which we probably get annihilated... I get to name an 18 man squad for the 2 warm ups and 2 tests against a powerful England team! I've thrown a few new faces in for the tour games.

    Type Age Comment
    A. Barath O 27 2 good tests against Pakistan have him in the squad again!
    A. Allen O 21 Andy is 21 years old and averages 88 in 2nd team cricket. No great record in FC, but worth a go.
    D. Bravo (VC) BAT 28 Probably our best batsman across all forms.
    K. Edwards (C) BAT 32 Test captain and all-round good egg.
    M. Paul BAT 27 Really promising Test career ahead of him... Just needs a century now!
    S. Burton BAT 24 Not a great Test record... but I really like him.
    R. Sarwan BAT 36 Old guy. Spare batsman.
    D. Barrett BAT 22 Dean, 22, has started his FC career well and gets a shot at the tour!
    M. Alford ALL 22 Yeah. Mike Alford. Who's surprised? Thought not.
    D. Francis K 22 He's never going to keep performing. Never!
    M. Browne K 23 Solid. Dependable. Strictly average.
    M. Nixon SEAM 22 Still a very exciting prospect for me.
    I. Khan SPIN 32 Decent with a bat, great with a ball, always there or there abouts.
    J. Holder SEAM 25 A real revelation in recent times. Cracking.
    K. McClean SEAM 29 Yeah, he's still in the squads. Hasn't really let us down yet.
    V. Permaul SPIN 27 Permaul has too good a record to have only ever played 2 matches for me.
    J. Horace SEAM 25 Joe, 22, is a RF bowler. From the West Indies. With good stats. Good luck.
    S. Narine SPIN 28 Narine is a beast. We know this.
    And that concludes the squad. Massive, ain't it? For the Sussex (MY TEAM!) match, we play an experimental XI. Here it is.

    Barath, Allen, Bravo (C), Barrett, Burton, Browne (K), Nixon, Khan, McClean, Permaul, Horace.

    Yeah, the batting's a bit light, but hopefully we shouldn't need too much. Here's the Sussex team for anyone interested... in other words, me.

    Hales, Gale, Gatting, Prior (K), Hurst, Horton, Piesley, Beer (C), Arif, Goodis, Panesar.

    We won the toss and chose to bat. Should be a laugh!

    Stat! - The average age in our squad is 26.2. Nice and low.


    • Hey mate how do you set up those beaut tables? I'm looking at a similar setup for my new story on 2013. Love your work!


      • Originally posted by Rumblah View Post
        Hey mate how do you set up those beaut tables? I'm looking at a similar setup for my new story on 2013. Love your work!
        i have no idea i just wanted to reiterate your great words LOVE YOUR WORK BRO!!!!


        • Originally posted by Rumblah View Post
          Hey mate how do you set up those beaut tables? I'm looking at a similar setup for my new story on 2013. Love your work!
          Originally posted by CharlesDarwini View Post
          i have no idea i just wanted to reiterate your great words LOVE YOUR WORK BRO!!!!
          Haha, cheers guys For the tables, if you go to the Advanced posting bit, there's a little table logo at the start of the bottom row of icons... from there on in it's pretty self explanatory

          Anyway, here are the results of the tour matches, followed by some notes from me!

          • Wow... Max Brown really took his opportunity! 250 unbeaten runs? Nice.
          • We bowled poorly in one innings of each of the games. That's not hard to work out, but it's something we've got to tighten up on.
          • Allen did okay in his 32 in the first game, but Barrett was on the whole more impressive.
          • Permaul looked great in the first game, but in the MCC's first innings he was as toothless as everyone else.
          • I brought Mike Alford and Kirk Edwards in for the second game for Burton and Nixon, and they both played well and got some more form.
          • Horace was a little disappointing, but we'll keep an eye on him.

          With all of that taken into account, there are no drastic changes to the Test side. Here's the XI for the first test!

          Barath, Burton, Bravo, Paul, Edwards (C), Alford, Browne (K), Nixon, McClean, Holder, Narine.

          If Narine doesn't bowl too well, Permaul will probably replace him for the second test, the same going for Burton and Barrett.

          Aside - I'm more excited for tomorrow due to the start of Sussex's FLT20 campaign down at Hove than I am for ICC13, but only because I'm looking forward to the former a hell of a lot!


          • Thanks champion.


            • I should probably have loftier ambitions than not being beaten by an innings, but it went okay.

              We lost the toss and were forced to bowl. We never got regular wickets. It really did hurt me to watch, even though there were no centuries from the England team, their top 6 scored 53, 31, 60, 40, 80 and 91, which really put us on the back foot by a long way. Even when we were through them, we had a fight on our hands to get rid of the tail. In the end, Finn and Bannister put on 44 together for the 10th wicket to grind us into the dirt and hope for a draw.

              In contrast, we lost early wickets and were 67/3 soon after having to start batting. Bravo and Edwards put on 119 for the 4th wicket, and Darren was joined by Alford as they added another 43. Unfortunately, after that, we totally crumbled again. We lost our final 6 wickets for only another 28 runs, meaning we had to suffer the ignominy of following on.

              Barath and Burton both failed again, leaving us 31/2, but this time the fightback was a bit stronger. Darren Bravo was good again, hitting 72 this time, but we never really had a chance of setting a strong total from our position following on, as Paul departed for 65, and the next 5 all managed to get starts but couldn't convert it to a score of any more than 38.

              They only needed just over a hundred to win the match, and they did it simply. Changes needed, but I'm not sure if it's the players faults, mine, or the fact that we just simply don't have the quality to compete here.

              Series State England lead 1-0 with 1 to play.
              Batting Award Darren Bravo - Backed up his first innings tonne with a half in the second.
              Bowling Award Mike Alford - Our unlikely strike bowler in the first innings!
              Team News Allen replaces Burton. Khan replaces the profligate Nixon.
              Aside - Yeah... nothing much to say today. Problem with the format, that.


              • I don't want to talk about it. We lost by 16 wickets and 85 runs.

                Yeah. I don't want to talk about it. Undoubtedly my very worst 3 days on the West Indies balcony.

                Series State England win the series 2-0.
                Batting Award Mike Paul - Batted really well... somehow.
                Bowling Award Nah. Don't think I will.
                3 ODIs against them up next. The first XI for us is Barath, Simmons (K), Bravo (C), Burton, Barrett, Pollard, Alford, Nixon, Khan, Holder, Narine. The reserves are Paul, Sarwan, Browne and McClean. ODI d├ębut for Barrett! Yay!

                Aside - Ashes coming soon! YEAH! Not that I'll watch too much of them, probably.


                • We got destroyed again!

                  Looking back, 204 wasn't too bad a total from where we were. We lost regular wickets throughout the entirety of the innings, with the openers starting us badly by going for 4 and 0, to leave us 10/2. Burton was playing fluently, but unfortunately got out on 34, caught Finn off the archaically named Barry Tetley. Barrett was shaky to say the very least before being out for 15, and Pollard couldn't add many more. Even Bravo's 44 seemed scratchy. Mike Alford played a gem again, scoring 52 from 63 balls, most of that time spent batting with the tail trying to protect our wickets and get us to some sort of competitive score.

                  We thought that 204 might be that score, but it turned out England could just smash it. Nixon came in for particular tap early on which really set the tone, and despite Holder getting the wicket of Cook, Kenworthy, Gates and Spence easily knocked off the runs, and took next to no risks while they were at it. It almost doesn't seem fair playing this team!

                  Series State England lead the series 1-0 with 2 to play.
                  Batting Award Mike Alford - Played well to set us up with an almost decent score.
                  Bowling Award Nah. None here again.
                  Team News No changes... Barrett will get these 3 matches to prove himself, at least.
                  Aside - Crikey, these Ashes are actually looking rather good... I'm starting to regret the fact I'm working tomorrow!