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ICC12 on Windows 8 tablets (Not RT)

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  • ICC12 on Windows 8 tablets (Not RT)

    I recently bought an Asus Vivo Smart tablet.

    This has the intel atom processor and runs Windows 8.

    I cannot get the ICC12 to run on it however.

    I get a CreateDevice Failed (Null) error.

    I would assume Win8 was shipped with DirectX, so surely that cannot be the issue.

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    Obviously 2012 didn't receive any testing in the Windows 8 environment, my immediate reaction is to say, update DirectX and ensure the system is fully up to date. I do understand other people have been fine with Windows 8, albeit on PC.

    Not an error I've actually come across with the game before, similar ones but not that specifically.

    Have you restarted the device since installing it?


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      Yeah i attempted to install a couple of times.

      DirectX11 is installed.

      I played around with screen resolution as well

      It could be that the GPU is not powerful enought to run the game.


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        What are the device specs? Do they match or better the required specs as found on the FAQ page?


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          The Vivo Smart-Tab uses an integrated GPU called a PowerVR SGX545 processor.

          According to your FAQ, the game wont support integrated Graphics chips.

          ICC has always worked on my older HP Core2 Laptop though, assuming it uses a onboard chipset also.