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    How should you choose what players to pick for an international squad and have a good idea that they will perform quite well? Just can't put a squad together that wins

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    I'd suggest if you're starting out, look at the normal squads that are pre-selected for the country, and then add players who you think may perform well in reality. As the years progress and you get regens coming through, look at their stats, their recent batting/bowling history, and perhaps pick a few per tour and use general technique training to assist them improve their game. Even play them in a few tour games as well. You'll then get an idea of if they are capable of performing well or not.

    Keep in mind, players will be quite inconsistent for the first 20-30 games, as reflected in reality, but there is an element of trial and error involved.

    When in doubt, try to reflect what happens in real life, how young players are generally brought into squads, and if you mirror this you should be fine!
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