2014 Fix List (PC)

Cricket Captain 2014 has been updated

You should now all be prompted to update the game through Steam. You will need Steam in Online mode to get this update.

You can check the version number you are currently running by looking at the 'Options' screen.

Cricket Captain 14.14 Fix List

  • Updated Australian domestic squads for 2014-15 season.
  • Updated World Cup 2015 mode and squads.
  • Additional database changes as suggested by the forum.
  • Added batting preference tool tips.
  • Fixed corrupted saved game recovery.

Cricket Captain 14.13 Fix List

  • Added edit names for players and teams.
  • Added batting preferences to match stats page.
  • Fixed bonus points if player retired hurt.
  • Fixed opener info transferring between players.
  • Fixed crash at the end of Internet match.
  • Added Dropbox support.

Cricket Captain 14.12 Fix List

  • Additional database changes as suggested by the forum.
  • Fixed batting/bowling balance on "easy" level.

Cricket Captain 14.11 Fix List

  • Fixed interval crash in FC/test matches.
  • Fixed crash dismissing player profile.
  • Fixed crash selecting previous season fixtures.
  • Fixtures rescheduled to avoid clashes.
  • Added score card save/export.
  • Fixed bonus point overs counting.
  • Improved screen speed.
  • Fixed bowling average and wicket display in team selection (bowling view).
  • Improved online server stability.

Cricket Captain 14.10 Fix List

  • Additional database changes as suggested by the forum.
  • Fixed crash at intervals in FC matches.
  • Added Steam achievements.
  • Fixed 2nd Team filter in contracts.
  • Made ordering of statistics grid views consistent.
  • Fixed domestic 20 over matches bug (international only).
  • Fixed associate members not retiring.

Cricket Captain 14.09 Fix List

  • Additional database changes as suggested by the forum.
  • Added "rules" menu item back (fixed).
  • Fixed crash when starting a new session in-match.
  • Fixed crash bugs in match.
  • Added corrupted save game recovery.
  • Changed wides in English/Aus FC from 2 to 1 run.

Cricket Captain 14.08 Fix List:

  • Fixed incorrect red/white ball issue
  • Removed "rules" menu item (caused crash in FC games)
  • Fixed crash bug caused by stadiums

Cricket Captain 14.07 Fix List:

  • Added 2015 West Ind vs. Eng tour
  • Improved international series stat buttons
  • Improved score display in form charts
  • Updated Aus domestic rules
  • Fixed missing squad selection after tri-tournaments
  • Removed extra coaching screens for non-player match types
  • Added logging system

Cricket Captain 14.06 Fix List:

  • Database changes as suggested by the forum
  • Fixed "pure virtual" error
  • Fixed highlight exiting early issue
  • Grid-views remember position after Player Profile
  • County Championship draw points updated
  • Fixed Indian 20 over additional matches issue
  • Added Bangladesh to national team choice
  • Added missing opener text to batting preferences
  • Retains previous user team selection for 20ov/FC/OD only saves
  • Fixed text corruption in Indian 20 over contracts
  • Fixed retain/offer captaincy
  • Fixed highlighting of technique training
  • Fixed missing batting card label
  • Updated Australian FC points system