2015 Fix List (PC)

Cricket Captain 2015 has been updated

You should now all be prompted to update the game through Steam. You will need Steam in Online mode to get this update.

You can check the version number you are currently running by looking at the 'Options' screen.

Cricket Captain 15.05 fix list

  • Improved performance of highlights (all platforms).
  • Updated player database (changes require new save, existing saves unaffected).
  • Fixed Indian and Australian domestic youth player generation.
  • Updated dates of ODI power-play rule change.
  • Indian FC draw: 1 point if both 1st innings are not complete.
  • Positioned scores above bars in Batting and Bowling form charts.
  • Fixed freeze in contracts when signing reserve player.
  • Fixed issues with Samsung J1 and Acer Iconia A1.
  • Improved speed in contracts section.

Cricket Captain 15.04 fix list

  • Fixed black highlights issue (properly).
  • Increased squad exchange time-out for internet games (fixes freeze/disconnect)
  • Mobile only: Added safeguard to stop incorrect bowler selection.

Cricket Captain 15.03 fix list

  • Fixed black highlights issue.
  • Fixed bug which added 1000 matches or wickets to some players.
  • Record breaking thresholds now dependent on match type.
  • Changed FC leagues to sort by run-rate ahead of draws.
  • Fixed season end stats for Indian 20 only mode (no domestic).
  • Fixed network international stats showing repeat of vs. stats.
  • Fixed records/achievements not showing if happened at match end.
  • Fixed Dropbox load over-writing network game stats.
  • Added Kerala CC to teams allowed on-line.
  • Added automatic loading of last saved team for online games.
  • Reduced players missing domestic finals for internationals.

Cricket Captain 15.02 Fix List

  • Improved accuracy of FC/Test match engine.
  • Updated database with feedback from the forum and improvements to Bangladesh and Zimbabwe (only affects new save games).
  • Improved highlights cameras.
  • Fixed black highlights bug.
  • Fixed highlights crash issue with some older machines.
  • Fixed "dark" highlights bug.
  • Improved highlights performance.
  • Fixed internet highlights change crash.
  • Fixed background at Sussex ground.
  • Added innings for 2nd XI 3 day matches.
  • Corrected batsman pose in ball-tracker highlight.
  • Fixed extra over error in last session.
  • Fixed score-card save crash (caused by follow-on).
  • Stadium mirroring bug corrected.
  • Fixed incorrect player age display.
  • Improved picture-in-picture.

Cricket Captain 15.01 Fix List

  • Round wicket tactic fixed so not changed for new right-handed bowler against LHB.
  • End of season stats screen fixed for Indian 20 competition.
  • Last over stats fixed if wicket/runs scored off last ball of innings.
  • Fixed corruption in top right hand corner on certain video cards.
  • Improvements to highlights performance.
  • Improvements to detection for Open GL2 support.
  • Ball-tracker path line fixes.