2018 Fix List

Cricket Captain 2018 fix list: 18.09/18.28/18.58/18.80

  • Fixed hang when wicket fell and change bowler happened at the same time in online game.
  • Improved stability of online matches
  • Fixed behaviour of escape key when exiting a window (PC only)
  • Fixed quick exit of highlights in online game

Cricket Captain 2018 fix list: 18.07/18.26/18.56/18.78

  • Now featuring updated Australia 20 over fixtures for the upcoming season. Squad changes are up to date as of now and will be updated as and when they are announced.
  • Updated Australian 20 Over Fixtures
  • Updated Australian 20 Over Squads
  • Network game stability improvements
  • Fixes to test teams fixtures in World Cups

Cricket Captain 2018 fix list: 18.06/18.25/18.55/18.77

  • Fixed crash before contracts (Sep)
  • Sri Lanka in Champions Cup Tournament mode fix
  • Coach Bowling Technique selection highlight
  • Message for ineligible internet saves
  • Internet ball by ball: 2 over default
  • Corrected match type in team selection on-line

Cricket Captain 2018 fix list: 18.05/18.24/18.54/18.76

  • Fixed Jamaica CC vs. records crash
  • Stopped AI picking inexperience players for internationals
  • Fixed custom series crash starting second new game
  • Internet game fixes
  • Updated 1000 n/k vs. partnerships
  • Added Help button to start screen
  • Added Privacy Policy and EULA to Help
  • Demographics for advertising
  • New boundary boards advertising

Cricket Captain 2018 fix list: 18.04/18.23/18.53/18.75

  • Fixed crash bugs in declare and rules screens in-game (bug introduced in previous update).

Cricket Captain 2018 fix list: 18.03/18.22/18.52/18.74

  • Fixed change bowler sometimes selecting the wrong player (Android phone bug only).
  • Updated Database (+ Rashid change).
  • Network game stability improved.
  • WC qualification based on top 10 teams.
  • Fixed Kolpak players record list filter.
  • Windward Islands CC now playable.
  • Dropbox authentication retained after unticked.
  • Fixed domestic comp. points (SA, Aus, Ind).
  • Added rebel tour and World Series ATG.
  • Updated NZ ground names.
  • Updated known squad AI picks.
  • Fixed banned players AI squad pick issue.
  • Batting order fix.

Cricket Captain 2018 fix list: 18.02/18.21/18.51/18.72

  • 2019 WC squad selection loop fixed.
  • Fixed player-type icon for youth all-rounders
  • Fixed series result message
  • Updated database (forum feedback)
  • Updated fixtures (+ more Tests for Ire/Afg)
  • Added training bat/bowl//field improvement messages
  • Improved batting order
  • Fixed ground record achievements
  • Banned players removed from contracts available
  • Added 21 SA 70s/80s ATG players
  • Kolpak players added to records screen & ATG series
  • Fixed 20over player rebates for domestic teams
  • Removed FC/OD friendlies during 20over comp (team selection bug)

Cricket Captain fix-list: 18.01/18.20/18.50/18.71

  • Fixed crash in internet game when using an international team.
  • Disabled records and achievements in internet game (stability improvement).
  • Other internet game stability improvements.
  • Database update from forum and social media feedback (fixed Rashid Khan AI pick).
  • Removed Aus domestic friendly matches from outside of domestic season (causing issue with team selection in that match).
  • Fixed rare bug that could cause some career runs/wickets achievement records to not be initialised.
  • Improved Ireland abilities.
  • Improved fixture scheduling.
  • Fixed batting order issue.