2019 Fix List

Cricket Captain 2019 fix-list 19.04:

  • Improved contracts AI (team balance, squad size, budget)
  • Updated Database
  • Fixed English OD final ground issue
  • Fixed Indian WC and central contracts squad
  • Fixtures screen defaults to current date
  • Increased available SA players in SA domestic
  • Added change job/team confirmation
  • Fixed Eng. FC promotion/relegation message
  • Added Ireland vs Zimbabwe series
  • Allow overseas players in Eng contracts to be signed when not 100% available
  • Default batting aggression set by match type.

Cricket Captain 2019 fix-list 19.03:

  • Updated database with brilliant help from forum
  • Fixed matches played in incorrect date order
  • Fixed AI team selection issue in Custom Match Series
  • Improved AI batting order

Cricket Captain 2019 fix-list 19.02

  • Updated database with forum feedback
  • Corrected English FC toss rules
  • Fixed international squad pick issues
  • Fixed Australian WC players availability issue
  • Improved batting position database and sorting
  • Improved performance initialising the match
  • Fixed accuracy of availability code in contracts