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International Cricket Captain 2013


Patching Issues

  • What if I encounter issues regarding the installation of a patch under Windows Vista and if I receive Sum Check Errors?
  • A. Windows Vista Issues regarding an update:

    Customers using Windows Vista may experience errors when updating the software, if this does happen then please try the following:

    1. Locate the default game installation folder usually found at the following location,

    C:\Program Files\Childish Things\International Cricket Captain 2009

    2. Find the following file name PatchEngine.exe

    3. Double left click on this file and wait for the game to restart.

    4. When the game has restarted then choose the Internet Game option from the main menu and download the patch update again.

    When successfully installed the patch will update the game.

    We do advise that after the update is completed you restart the International Cricket Captain 2009 software so that the games options including your saved files are re-configured correctly.

    B. After following the instruction to install the patch I get a checksum error.

    1) Uninstall the game.

    2) Make sure all files except for saved games and saved fields settings are deleted from the drive where you installed the game (e.g. c:\Program Files\Childish Things\International Cricket Captain 2009)

    - If you are running Vista, your saved games should not be stored in this folder, but check before you delete everything.

    3) Reinstall and do not modify any files or folders.

    - If you have a CD version, re-install from there

    - If you have a download version, download from the ChildishThings Website again and re-install (just in case your previous download was corrupt).

    4) XP users run the game.

    - Vista users: Run the patchengine.exe program, which is located in the root (c:\Program Files\Childish Things\International Cricket Captain 2009).

    5) Press internet game to patch

    6) Once the patch has installed, you will need to quite and re-start the game from your normal start link for it to be able to locate your saved games. Downloading patch file stalls at various % amounts. This could be due to one of the following:

    1) Virus checker - A previous version of Norton Anti-virus was incompatible and would cause problems (checksum issues) until it was disabled whilst patching.

    2) Very important - whilst downloading ICC if running in a window it MUST have focus otherwise the download will fail. Users should not switch to other programs. This is also the same when playing on-line. When playing on-line it is actually recommended to play full screen.

    3) If a download attempt fails you must fully exit ICC and ideally delete the partially downloaded file before retrying.

    4) Firewalls must allow access to port 2271